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We offer customized hardware and software IT solutions for your company. From the small home office VPN solution to the cloud-based corporate network including VoIP telephone system. We are known by our customers for our fast and unbureaucratic remote support. Always solution-oriented and customer-focused without pompous technical talk.
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IT Support

Anti-virus management
Automatic antivirus control and update

Backup Management
Continuous backup and protection of all your data assets

GDPR: EU General Data Protection Regulation
Consulting and support during implementation

Firewall management
Securing your network and protecting traffic

IT Security Check
Analysis of the basic security status of your IT

Patch Management
Strategic closing of software security gaps*Design%20ohne%20Titel*png?alt=media&token=c3ec5705-d820-4b0e-b084-1540cc55d958

IT Security

Desktop Management
Proactive support for all your company computers

Digitalization of business processes
Workflow management and process optimization

Document Management
Manage documents digitally - effectively and legally compliant

Printer Management
All-inclusive support for your operational printer systems

ERP solution
System-supported resource planning - efficient and clear

Introduction of commercial software
Simplified financial accounting for any size of company

Setting up a website
Implementation of your online presence - technically and in terms of content

Server Management
Seamless control and support of your server landscape

Software development
Individual software for unique business processes*Design%20ohne%20Titel*png?alt=media&token=c3ec5705-d820-4b0e-b084-1540cc55d958

IT Infrastructure

Setting up a telephone system
Telecommunications solutions - future-proof and custom-fit

Hardware and software procurement
Purchase of IT systems tailored to requirements - expertly organized

IT Infrastructure Analysis
Audit for cost-efficient optimization of your company IT

Mobile Device Management
Manage mobile devices - comprehensively and securely

Server virtualization
Simulation of your IT systems - energy and cost saving

Leasing of workstations
Lease powerful IT environment - at calculable costs

Video surveillance
Planning and installation of reliable security technology*Design%20ohne%20Titel*png?alt=media&token=c3ec5705-d820-4b0e-b084-1540cc55d958

Cloud solutions

Workplaces in the cloud
Collaborate online in real time - from anywhere

Data backup in the cloud
Store data externally - secure and available at any time

E-mail archiving
Audit-proof storage of digital correspondence

Firewall in the cloud
Central online protection for all your data streams and IT systems

Server in the cloud
Rent computing power externally- flexible, secure, efficient*Design%20ohne%20Titel*png?alt=media&token=c3ec5705-d820-4b0e-b084-1540cc55d958*Design%20ohne%20Titel*png?alt=media&token=c3ec5705-d820-4b0e-b084-1540cc55d958*logotransparent*png?alt=media&token=e52600c5-b832-4efd-b1b6-9ae6777c658c
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